Benefits of a VA

Would it shock you to learn that small business owners and entrepreneurs can spend an average of 900 hours per year on general admin?  That’s over 17hrs per week that you’re answering emails, organising your diary, placing stationery orders, scheduling social media posts, booking travel, and sorting out your expenses etc. So now just stop and think for a minute… what could YOU do with an additional 17hrs per week?  Perhaps you would make it to the gym for an hour each day instead of just talking about it.  Maybe you would get home at a decent time so that you can at least read your children a bed time story, or better yet, have dinner with them.  Or shock horror, you might actually be able to spend that time focusing on your own goals and business development.

So how do you make this happen?  How do you take control of your life, your business and your time all without breaking the bank and having the costly expense of recruiting staff?  It’s simple, you outsource your admin to one of our amazing Virtual Assistant’s here at Crossing The Chasm.  We have over 45 years of PA, EA and Office Manager experience and we love what we do.  We are only a small team of 2 right now, but we have the heart of many and the experience of many more.