Our Mission

Our mission is to help you become more efficient and more productive in your business.  That’s why we take on the soul-sucking back office admin that you shouldn’t be working on – leaving you to fill your day with high-value tasks that truly encourage growth for your company.  Allowing us to fulfil this mission will help you to reconnect with your business and rekindle your passion for it.

Stop working in your business and start working on it!

Lisa took the strain away from sorting out GDPR compliance on all my mailing lists which certainly helped reduce my to do list. She was quick and efficient and even went above and beyond to provide me with a sign-up form for future contacts. Knowing that someone else has your back on these things is great as a small business.

The Authentic Spark

Lisa worked with PLB for several years and we really rate her can-do attitude. She started as office manager, being responsible for all operational requirements (including finance – Sage, then Xero – and ISO quality manager) and was promoted to studio manager to oversee project delivery (including budget and time management – Harvest, then Streamtime – and managing new business opportunities, reporting to the board).

Lisa was instrumental in developing processes and procedures. She is still seen as valued member of the team, working as a consultant, managing the weekly finances and forecasting.

PLB Projects