Neil is the founder and driving force behind Crossing The Chasm. He has over 10 years experience of working as a finance director for SME’s throughout Yorkshire. Neil is very down-to-earth, has an approachable demeanour and is incredibly passionate about what he does.Before taking on a new client he likes to sit down with them (preferably with a latte in hand) to make sure that he fully understands the needs of the business as well as its short-term and long-term goals – and don’t worry if you don’t know what these are at the time, that’s also part of the service we offer. He very quickly becomes a valued member of the team and you will start to see the difference he can make within a matter of days.

Although we offer a turnkey solution, Neil’s real passion lies with challenging business strategies and being the pragmatic conscience sitting on the shoulder of CEO’s and MD’s.

Lisa, after seeing the value she could add to Neil’s already successful offering, approached him to see if there was an opportunity for them to work together again (having done so successfully on two separate occasions). Discussions pursued over a glass of wine, and pretty soon it became evident that they were onto something. The services that Lisa offers are integral to the smooth running of any successful office, and with over 20 years of high level administration and event management experience to contribute, she really is the bees knees. Lisa is highly organised, has an outstanding ability to multi-task and has an infectious ‘can do’ approach.

The fact that Lisa has worked for a number of sectors (including pharmaceutical, motor, corporate, events, heritage and leisure), as well as high net worth individuals, makes her a highly adaptable asset. Once you have started to work with her you will wonder how on earth you managed without her in the first place.  

Neil and Lisa separately offer an unrivalled service and will instantly improve the running efficiency of your business. However, if you are lucky enough to work with both of them on a project, you will see just how complementary the whole Crossing The Chasm brand is.

Please contact us for more information or just to say hello. We are happy to meet at a convenient time for you and if there happens to be the offer of a latte (or tea in Lisa’s case), then all the better.